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Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

roy-rogers-dale-evans-power-coupleThis acting power couple completed 28 films and The Roy Rogers Show together over the course of their marriage and were famously loved by many Americans. They met on the set of The Cowboy and the Senorita and hit it off right away, but they were both married, so love didn’t blossom until a couple of years later after Dale and her husband divorced and Roy’s wife passed away.

5 of the West's Best Power Couples

5-of-the-west's-best-power-couplesPeople say true love conquers all, and for some couples, their love has conquered plenty; they are a shining example of what it takes to build a lasting relationship. Couples who have famously represented American Western heritage through music, talent, hard work, and dedication deserve to be recognized for their inspirational examples of what it takes to build a loving bond. By lifting each other up and bringing out the best in each other, these iconic partnerships have given motivation for countless others to strive for success in their relationship. Whether they were famous for their ability to work side-by-side, or the accomplishments that they made while together, these couples have changed history and made their single friends jealous while doing it. Here’s a look at some of Western heritage’s most popular power couples, and what makes them so unique.


Cole Younger

Cole Younger Notorious OutlawWhen Cole was a young boy, his father was brutally murdered by a Union Captain. Soon after the incident, Cole joined the Confederate Army. A few years later, he started his life as an outlaw. In 1868, he robbed the Nimrod Long & Co. bank in Russellville, Kentucky and formed a gang soon after with his brothers and Jesse and Frank James.

Pearl Hart

Pearl Hart Notorious OutlawPearl Hart’s reputation as an outlaw comes more from the frenzy that her story created. After her abusive husband left to fight in the Spanish-American War, she needed money to visit her dying mother in Canada. She paired up with a known gambler, Joe Boot, and the two planned a stagecoach robbery. They were unsuccessful and were captured and imprisoned.

The Apache Kid

The Apache Kid Notorious OutlawHaskay-bay-nay-ntayl, or ‘the tall man destined to come to a mysterious end,’ was the given name of the man commonly referred to as the Apache Kid. He has a reputation as the fiercest Apache of all the tribe. He was rescued from Yuma Indians when he was a boy and raised by the Army Scouts. His time in the Scouts honed his skills, and he quickly climbed to the rank of sergeant in the Army Calvary.

John Joshua Webb

John Joshua Webb notorious outlawThis one is another tale about a good guy gone bad. Webb started out as a respected lawman and ended up being a feared gunslinger. Using his connections that he made as a lawman, Webb generally killed high society citizens and knew exactly who to rob. When he was finally caught, he broke out of jail, fled back to Texas, and changed his name to Samuel King. He escaped the noose but later died of smallpox.


Hoodoo Brown

Hoodoo Brown notorious outlawWhen Hyman G. Neill “Hoodoo Brown” was a teenager, he was working as a printer’s devil and one day was asked to fetch some rags. Hyman got up and jumped on the moving freight train that chugged past the back door of the printing shop and may have been the shortest two week's notice anyone has ever given in history. Hoodoo arrived in Las Vegas, New Mexico and found the place to be overrun with lawlessness and violent gangs.

Thomas Edward Ketchum

Thomas Ketchum notorious outlawThomas Ketchum, also known as “Black Jack”, was your everyday, hardworking cowboy until he switched to a life of crime. When he headed for Texas in 1890, he joined the notorious “Hole in the Wall Gang” and specialized in robbing stagecoaches and trains. It is said that when the group wasn’t robbing trains that they worked for some ranches in the area.

John Wesley Hardin

John Wesley Hardin notorious outlawHardin got a taste for violence at a young age. At 14, he stabbed a boy for making fun of him. A little later, he shot a slave in self-defense after they had a threatening argument. After the incident, Hardin went into hiding for fear of not receiving a fair trial. When the police caught up to him, Hardin shot 3 officers and got away.

Henry Longabaugh (The Sundance Kid)

Sundance Kid notorious outlawAlthough he never killed anyone, Henry “The Sundance Kid” Longabaugh got an early start as an outlaw when he stole a horse in Sundance, WY. After he was released from jail, Henry started running around with the Wild Bunch gang, which included Robert Parker (Butch Cassidy). The Wild Bunch made a name for themselves robbing trains, stagecoaches and banks, and were quite successful at it.


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