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Knee Injuries

Is Knee Pain Killing Your Golf ScoreSecond to back pain, knee injuries are the most common type of golf related pain. Torn ligaments are a common occurrence in golf because of all the necessary pivoting and twisting motions that are put on the knees during the golf swing. An indicator for players is a loud popping sound as the injury occurs.

Golfer's Elbow

Golfer's Elbow Killing Your Golf ScoreGolfer’s Elbow is caused by strain on the muscles at the point where the arm bone connects to the elbow. This type of injury occurs when the normal tissues can no longer handle the daily stress that is being forced upon them.

The Top 9 Pains That Destroy Your Golf Score

The Top 9 Pains That Destroy Your Golf ScoreThe game of golf is quickly becoming America’s favorite pastime. It is fun, competitive, and not nearly as easy as it looks on television. Many people would say it is popular because of the assumption that it is not physically demanding and anyone can play it.

Bardy’s Trail Rides (Alaska)

Bardy’s Trail Rides (Alaska)Located in one of the most beautiful cities Alaska has to offer, Bardy’s Trail Rides allow riders to access parts of Seward not commonly visited by your typical tourist. Your guide will take you to places where bald eagles can be seen flying in the air as you cross rivers, forests, and even the beach. You can look out onto snow-capped mountains as your guide tells you anything you’d like to know about the history of the area.

Black Hills National Forest (South Dakota)

Black Hills National Forest (South Dakota)The Black Hills National Forest provides several ways to experience the beautiful mountainous area with around 12-15 trails for horses. There’s no boredom to be found here. The rolling beauty of great hills in a northern frontier setting contains enough extraordinary scenery to keep you preoccupied. This wild frontier of South Dakota also has its share of amenities.

10 Best Trail Rides in America

10 Best Trail Rides in AmericaHorseback Riding is one of America's Favorite pastimes. There are countless riding trails scattered throughout the entire country. Whether you are looking for beginner trails or expert trails, a brief day ride or a longer multi day adventure, a guided tour or a free reign ride in the wilderness, The United States is sure to have what you are looking for when it comes to Horseback Riding.


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