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5 Historical Facts About the American Cowboy

5-Historical-Facts-About-American-CowboyThe expansion of the western frontier in the 1800s would never have happened without the diligence and effort of certain brave men. America owes a great deal to the hard work performed by the American Cowboy. They drove thousands of miles over plains, mountains, and shores to deliver livestock. At the time, livestock was a prominent source of trade, development, and prosperity for those trying to cultivate the land and build the country that stands today. But, what was life like on these long cattle drives? It’s not easy to imagine exactly what the times were like, even considering the large amount of historical records that we have, but what we do know tells a great story of the American Cowboy and their travels across the open range. When you consider how dangerous and seemingly impossible it was to drive thousands of head for many miles a day, you learn to appreciate exactly what these men achieved. We looked at some of the most interesting facts about the cowboy’s way of life and found a little insight as to who these great men were, as well as how they built a country by doing a job that most may have been reluctant to perform. Let’s take a look at some lesser-known facts about these corralling, roping, cattle-driving symbols of American history.

Famous Figures

Famous figures can give wild west experienceInstead of building your Wild West experience on locations, you could go to places that are associated with the famous figures of the Old West. In the history of the West, there are many famous people and you can find a number of destinations that are dedicated to them.

Take a Wagon Expedition

Wagon Expedition-experience-wild-westWhen the pioneers first started heading west, it was the wagon train that brought many of them to their destinations. Now we travel in motor vehicles or by plane to get where we are going, but you can still get the authentic covered wagon experience in many places.

Western Museums

western museums are a great way to experience the westAs you travel the West taking in the attractions, you will find many museums that are dedicated to the history of the Old West. In the railroad towns, you can find some great railway museums. In mining towns, there are some interesting museums, which are full of mining relics.

River Rafting

river rafting is a great wild west experienceRiver Rafting can be an exciting way to experience some of the waterways of the American West. It may not have the history or the horses of some of the other attractions, but it can provide a refreshing break from activities like trail riding and touring the towns of the Old West.


rodeos are a wild west experienceIf you are looking for a way to experience some cowboy culture and have a good time, then you have plenty of rodeos that provide a great time for visitors of all types. In addition to having the common rodeo competitions like roping and bull riding, many of them also have special nights when they host various types of Wild West shows.

Train Rides

train rideas are a great wild west experienceWhen the rail lines were finally completed, trains became the most common way for people to travel to the West. Today, visitors can still ride many of the old lines that helped make travel easier. Some of them are even great for getting to know the Old West.

Dude Ranches

visit dude ranch for wild west experienceIf you want to live the cowboy life without actually being a cowboy, then the dude ranch experience is the perfect vacation. Different ranches offer different types of experiences, but you usually have activities like riding, camping, fishing, and cattle driving. Before you plan a trip, it would be wise to learn about the ranch and the activities that they provide.

Explore Native American History

explore-native-american-historyIf you are doing the Wild West Experience, then you cannot forget about some of the attractions centered around Native Americans. As Americans pushed west, many of the native inhabitants came into contact and often clashed with settlers, soldiers, and lawmen. The history and culture of the Native Americans is integral to the Old West and it can still be found in many places.

Visit Famous Wild West Towns

Visit-famous-wild-west-townsIf you are planning a trip to the Old West, then there are plenty of great experiences that can be had by visiting some of the famous towns. Most of the famous towns of the Old West embrace the history and there are some great ways to experience the past.


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