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Fractures are a common injury that occurs from horseback ridingThe best way to treat a stress fracture is to refrain from using the injured bone at all. Give the bone a few days to heal since any further amount of stress can cause the crack to spread and become larger, leading to further pain and inflammation. Using an ice pack will help reduce swelling and inflammation in the area, and will also help with the pain.

Most Common Injuries from Horseback Riding

Most common injuries from horseback ridingHorses are one of man’s best companions. They are not only useful, loving, and beautiful to gaze upon but they also provide us with hours of fun, as any horseback riding enthusiast will tell you. Horseback riding is one of the world’s oldest methods of transportation and will live on as long as there are riders in the world. As with any activity that involves skill with such a large and majestic animal, there are risks involved. Although these risks may be rare in occurrence, when they happen, they can be quite devastating.

Lob and Bunker Shots

Tips to improve your lob and bunker shots on the golf courseOk, so you have found yourself staring at that unholy bunker, wondering if it will make a fool out of you again. The pin is so close…if it just wasn’t for that 20ft of water between you and the hole, or maybe if your ball wasn’t eaten by the sand monster. Don’t fret, you can learn Lob/Bunker shots that will keep you from worrying about encountering hazards.


chipping-wedge-short-game-improveOkay, so now you may be closer to the green and you have a 5-iron in your hands. You’ll want to keep the ball close to the center (around 2/3 inches) and taking some of the form you learned earlier, get enough under the ball to bring it in the air and have it roll to the pin like a longer version of a putt. When golfers try to get under the ball, one of their first mistakes is to tilt the body back away from the ball.

Pitching Form and Follow Through

Golfing tips to improve your short gameUsing a pitching wedge or a lower-lofted sand wedge for your pitch shots (shots around 5-30 yards off the green. Pitch shots also require a lighter grip (for ball control). Rotate your grip slightly counter-clockwise so that you are able to see one of the knuckles on your left hand. Your feet should be a little closer to the ball with an open stance.

Why Is My Short Game Suffering Anyhow?

Tips to improve your short gameAre you using the right shot in your repertoire? What about the green from which you first hit? Is it above or below from where the pin is? Before you work on the areas of your short game that need improvement, you have to consider aspects of your drive. If you have no problem getting your ball far and close to the pin, congratulations, you only need to worry about what happens with your chip, pitch, and putt.

Ways to Improve Your Short Game

Ways to Improve your Short GameImproving your short game in golf may be one of the hardest things to master for some players. It is difficult to watch others around you improve, while you may be stuck wondering, “What am I doing wrong?!” Getting out of traps and challenging spots on the course may come down to a few simple tactics that will give you the advantage you are looking for. Great driving is important, but will only take you so far in the long run. It’s important to keep a clear head, but after you master these few short tactics, they will become second nature…and your golfing buddies won’t stand a chance.

Wild Horse Race

wild-horse-raceWild Horse Races are one of the most exciting and skill required events of rodeo. On their designated horse, a group of three cowboys must place a halter made of leather and sheepskin, which is connected to a lead or shank. When the chutes open, the shankman holds the horse in position, while the “mugger” moves up the shank and grabs the horse by the halter.

Calf Scramble

calf-scramble-rodeoThis event involves a certain number of calves and usually twice as many participants. The participants/scramblers are lined up as a herd of calves is released into the arena. The object is to capture one of the calves, put a halter on it, and bring it back to the winners square to receive their prize.


whip-cracking-rodeoWhipcracking is a phenomenal event at rodeos that often leaves attendees in awe. Not only does it take precision, skill, and a little bit of good ol’ fashion talent, it is also a remarkable and scientific process. Whipcrackers break the sound barrier when the end of the whip, or “thong”, moves faster than the speed of sound, creating a small sonic boom.


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