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Water Belt for the Lower Back

low back water belt is a hands-free way to carry water on your runThis handy water carrier easily belts around the waist and stays snug while you are in motion. Carrying the water on the small of your back allows for a bigger sized bottle. Roomy pockets make great storage for your keys, cell phone, and other small items.

Sports Bra Water Bottle Carrier

a hands-free way to carry water while runningIf a sports bra is already what you wear for running attire, why not make it carry your water for you? This covert design simply looks like you’re wearing a water bottle in the middle of your back and the holster is sewn into the back of the sports bra. Typically designed to hold medium to large sized bottles, the longer the bottle, the easier it will be to access it from behind you.

Backpack Water Carrier

backpack carrier is a hands-free way to carry water on your runThis water carrier has a simple design and can hold much more than your average bottle. It fits comfortably on your back, and is lightweight and durable. This backpack makes drinking water easy with its extended mouth hose. You barely have to turn your head to get a drink.

Hand Strap Water Carrier

hand strap carrier is a hands-free way to carry water on your runIf you’re already accustomed to carrying a water bottle in your hand while you run, but are tired of it, a water bottle strap on the hand may be what you’re looking for. There’s no reason to tire out your hand by constantly grasping a bulky water bottle. This handy device fits most sizes of bottles, and can be comfortably strapped around either hand.

Hydration Belt

hydration belt is a hands-free way to carry water on your runThese are great for those who use different kinds of hydration while running. With multiple slots for small water bottles, you can not only carry your water but also a sports drink or vitamin water. You can keep the weight balanced by keeping the bottles evenly distributed. Many runners like the design of the hydration belt because it helps them ration their water while running better.

Thigh Holster

thigh holster is a hands-free way to carry water on your runMost runners already have a lot of strength in their legs; it would be easier on you to make your legs carry your water. The thigh holster keeps your water near and easy to reach and is perfect for holding larger sized bottles. This carrier is ideal for those not wanting to carry their water in their hand or on their back, and it fits snug on your thigh without slipping or shifting around.

8 Hands-Free Ways to Carry Water on Your Run

8 Hands-free Ways to Carry Water On Your RunMany runners are asking themselves the same question: “How can I stay hydrated without carrying a water bottle in my hand while I run?” The problem isn’t just the inconvenience of holding a bottle while running; it is also because of the added weight, which can cause imbalance, and the fact that you may not have enough water for your entire run if you just carry one bottle with you. Thankfully, there are plenty of devices on the market that can aid in water storage and help you stay hydrated. Items like backpacks, fanny packs, holsters, and numerous other carriers allow runners to run longer and faster, without worrying about their water intake. Some of these items vary in effectiveness and price, so sifting through all the products out there can take some time. However, we have found 10 ways for you to carry water hands-free while you run, with no hassle when it comes to weight and balance.

Fights Boredom

High-Intensity Interval Training prevents boredom with runningYou’ll be keeping your brain occupied as you continue to think about the intervals of intensity you schedule during your run. This keeps your mind busy and adds to the already obvious challenge that you’ll receive from High-Intensity Interval Training. You are also going to see results faster, which is going to ignite excitement as you continue to train.

Avoid Muscle Loss

High-Intensity Interval Training builds muscleSome runners (especially long distance runners) may find it hard to retain muscle as they shed pounds from their exercise. For those who perform High-Intensity Interval Training during their runs, they reap the benefits of losing weight and gaining muscle at the same time. When you are running your hardest, your muscles are going into overtime as they stretch and make room for new muscle growth.

Builds Endurance

High-Intensity Interval Training builds enduranceIt probably goes without saying (we’ll say it anyway), HIIT significantly improves endurance. All those minutes you spend at a higher intensity start to add up. You will find yourself running at higher speeds, for longer periods of time.


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