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Consider the Time of Day

tips-to-run-in-hot-weatherIt might sound like the start of a bad joke, but one of the first things you want to ask yourself before you go for a run is “How hot IS it?” Is it your average summer day, or is it a real scorcher out there? During those scorchers, you’re going to want to plan your run accordingly. If it’s going to be in the triple digits in the afternoon, try to plan a morning run when the temperature is significantly lower.

Check Humidity Levels

tips-to-run-in-hot-weatherIt probably goes without saying, but humidity also plays a factor when running in hotter weather. The higher the humidity, the more fluids you will lose by sweating. Shortening your distance and lowering your pace will help you out, and remember to keep yourself adequately hydrated. You’re going to be losing a lot more water from your system on days with high humidity levels. Prepare accordingly. You may even want to prepare in advance.

Check the Temperature

tips-to-run-in-hot-weatherIf you're planning to step outside for a quick run, and the temperature is over 90F, take the time to consider if your body is ready for that kind of treatment. Blazing hot days are not ideal for long runs. Ask yourself if an indoor run would be just as good and save yourself some torture. You can also plan a shorter route/run, just to save your body some pain later.


tips-to-run-in-hot-weatherHow’s your water intake? If you’re a seasoned runner, it may seem like a no-brainer that your body should stay optimally hydrated. However, dehydration is the number one risk when it comes to running in hot weather. You’re already releasing large amounts of heat from your body, and the added heat is going to require more than your average intake of water.

7 Tips for Running in Hot Weather

Tips-for-running-in-the-heatEven if you are a beginning runner or an experienced ultra-marathoner, you are probably aware of the risks that come with running in hot weather. However, many runners torture their bodies during the blazing days of summer because they do not know about the increased dangers or how to prepare for them. Safety is one of the biggest keys for runners’ success, and preparing for all types of weather is one way to be safe. Here we look at the top things you want to remember for running in the hot, summer climate.



Everest Marathon (Nepal/Tibet)

Marathon on Mount EverestListed in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest marathon in the world, this marathon is noted as one of the toughest in the world as well. Although the race itself is all downhill, runners will have to deal with cold temperatures and very little air in the high elevation.

Great Wall Marathon (China)

Marathon along Great Wall in ChinaWhat was previously built to protect against raids from Mongolian hordes, is now attracting long-distance runners from all over the world. This course is a lot different than other marathons, as there are 5,164 stone steps, and extreme ascents and descents along this wonder of the world. In fact, most runners finish at about 50% longer than their normal time due to the constant uphill/downhill battle.

6633 Arctic Ultra (Arctic Circle)

Marathon in the ArcticTired of running in hot weather? The 6633 Arctic Ultra Marathon has you covered. It is known as one of the coldest and most difficult long distance races on Earth. With high winds and temperatures reaching -50 degrees Fahrenheit, this 350-mile race brings out the bravest and most experienced of long-distance runners.

Fat Dog 120 (British Columbia, Canada)

Ultra Marathon in British Colombia CanadaThere are plenty of reasons to attend this beautiful 120-mile Ultra held in British Columbia. The gorgeous Alpines and unending fields of wildflowers are just a couple of the stunning scenes in Canada that this race has to offer.

Spartathlon (Athens, Greece)

Marathon in Athens GreeceAlthough this race began in 1983, this Ultra marathon is rich with ancient history. The race attempts to trace the exact route of Pheidippides, who was an Athenian messenger sent to Sparta in 490 BC to seek help defending against the invading Persians in the Battle of Marathon. Legend has it that the ancient messenger arrived in Sparta the day after he began his trek.


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