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Peruvian Jungle Ultra (Peru, South America)

Peruvian Jungle Ultra MarathonThis 150-mile trek down from the Andes and through the Amazon Jungle is not for a runner who is faint of heart. It takes a strong mental tenacity, as well as a vigourous capacity for endurance, to compete in this marathon. Facing humidity levels that reach 100% there is literally no point in the race when you are not sweating profusely.

Marathon de Sables (Sahara Desert, Africa)

Sahara Desert MarathonIf you like your marathons hot…how about running over 150 miles in the Sahara Desert? Besides being the distance equivalent of six marathons, the race lasts six days with the last day covering over 50 miles. Marathon de Sables is arguably the toughest foot race on Earth. This marathon was created by Patrick Bauer who made a 214-mile trek across the Sahara Desert alone without any source of oasis or human contact along the way.

7 of the Toughest Ultra-Marathons on Planet Earth

7-Toughest-Ultra-Marathons-on-Planet-EarthRunners love a challenge. Ultra-Marathoners crave them, and there are several races where even the most experienced long-distance runners have met their match. These marathons are created to bring the world’s best runners together to face some of the most daring and risky foot races. These are not your ordinary ultra-marathons. These courses are known to weed out the everyday marathoner and show who is the ultimate long-distance runner. Ranging from scorching deserts to frigid mountain ranges, the following races have been known to injure a few unlucky participants; some have even lost their lives while competing. Despite many breathtaking views and spectacular scenery, these ultra-marathons also reveal to some runners’ their breaking points. Here is a list of ultra-marathons that most long-distance runners consider as the most challenging courses in the world, either for their toughness, distance, or climate.


alcohol-glass-whiskeyAlcohol is a tricky substance when it comes to runners. You don’t have to give up alcohol entirely, but too much will leave you dehydrated. If you drink the night before a run, you can be sure to expect a slower time and a decrease in performance. If you are going to drink alcohol, beer is actually a better choice for you than hard alcohol because it contains more water.


caffeine-steamWith caffeine, it seems that as long as you are not consuming mass amounts of it every day, a little bit every so often is fine and can actually help runners when they need a little boost of energy. However, too much caffeine will leave you dehydrated, and if you become addicted to it, you may feel sluggish and tired when going without it. If you drink high amounts of caffeine, it is wise to make sure you rehydrate yourself.




Red Meats

red-meatNot all red meats are created equal, but processed red meats like bacon, ham, jerky, sausages, and hot dogs are the worst for runners and other athletes to consume. Eating processed red meats has been linked to health complications such as high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and even bowel or stomach cancer. Many believe that processed red meats may cause cancer due to the nitrates that are found in them.

Packaged Dinners

packaged-dinner-meals-bad-tvThey look innocent enough, they may even have a healthy sounding title, but consumers are getting more than just meat and veggies. These dinners are usually full of preservatives and weird sounding chemicals, and if it contains meat, it is usually slathered in syrupy sauce. Dinners like this are also likely to contain excessive amounts of salt. Most of the US population already consumes high amounts of sodium from their diets.

Sodas and Sports Drinks

sodas-foods-runnersMost everyone has probably heard that sodas are not the healthiest drinks in the world, however, runners should also check their sports drinks. Today, many brands of sports drinks include an additive called Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO). Just a little background information for you; BVO is commonly used as a flame retardant in household furniture such as carpets, rugs, couches, upholstered furniture.

Hydrogenated Fats

trans-fats-hydrogenatedHydrogenated Fats are most often found in fried foods, peanut butter, packaged foods, fast foods, and microwave popcorn. Of all the fats that we consume, hydrogenated oils are said to cause the most negative effects to your health. While most people have heard about the dangers of trans fats, some don’t realize that even if a product claims to be “trans-fat free,” if it contains hydrogenated oil it still has a few trans fats.

White Grain Foods

foods-runners-white-bread-white-grainsWhen we buy white bread and white pasta, we are purchasing foods that have been stripped of the bran and germ that the wheat once contained. This food is now lacking many nutrients, as well as fiber.


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