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Steps Your Business Can Take To Promote A Safe Reopening

We’re all avidly reading the news. There are unfortunate occasions where a hair stylist or restaurant employees worked while experiencing symptoms and later have a positive test result. Many salons and restaurants only require their employees to wear face masks and perform regular handwashing. To many, taking temperatures and using hand sanitizer between clients and customers are seen as going “above and beyond” the requirements.

These and other such cases leave customers and clients wondering how safe they are going about usually “normal” activities. Things such as going to the grocery or hardware store, taking a vacation or getting a haircut are now thought twice about out of concern for safety from the virus.

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Hand Sanitizer for Hotels

​Many places in the hospitality industry have kept rooms open to first responders and essential workers. This has provided them with a much needed safe place to stay when it is necessary to keep distance from family and friends after risked exposure to COVID-19. Now, many hotels, bed & breakfasts and inns are increasing safety protocols as they look to reopen to the general public. 

If you own a hotel, bed & breakfast or an inn, or are considering staying at one, here are four practical tips and CDC recommendations to consider:

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Hand Sanitizer for Your Business

Hand Sanitizer is part of the new normal in the workforce. The CDC recommends it and peace of mind demands it. But at the end of the day, the hand sanitizer choice employers make can have a huge impact on long term success, not only on reopening but also on customer loyalty.

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6 Health Benefits of WalkingGetting regular exercise does not have to be expensive or complicated. There are easy ways to get the health benefits of exercise and stay fit. One great option to strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles is walking. 

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Back to Work with Hand Sanitizer

Recommendations for employees on how and when to use hand sanitizer throughout their workday to create a clean environment and promote customer confidence.

Germs are everywhere! They can get onto hands and items we touch during daily activities and make us sick. Cleaning hands at key times with soap and water or hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to those around you.

5 Tips to Improve BalanceBalance is needed for absolutely everything we do, but it is a skill that can be lost over time. Did you know that balance even has the potential to prevent injuries overall? We have found 5 tips to help you improve your balance.

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4 Hand Sanitizer Recommendations From the CDC that Every Restaurant Should Be Aware OfAfter being stuck indoors for months, people are itching to get back out to restaurants rather than sticking solely to takeout and drive through. While some states are allowing restaurants to reopen their doors with outdoor dining only and others are giving the okay for indoor dining, new rules that promote safety are a big part of the plan. The CDC has many hand sanitizer guidelines that every business owner should be aware of. Here’s a quick summary:

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5 Stretches for Tight ShouldersDealing with tight shoulder muscles? Many of us experience it occasaionally. We have found several good stretches to help you relieve tight shoulders. 

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7 Tips to Be More ActiveExercise doesn't have to cost a fortune! Did you know that there are some ways to be active without going to a gym or going for a run?

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Reopening America Safely

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the topical specialty formulators of Real Time Pain Relief are stepping up to the plate. They have placed a large emphasis on not only making sure that individuals have consistent access to hand sanitizer but also on providing businesses with the hand sanitizer distribution and reliability that they need to reopen.
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