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8 Reasons to Choose Topical Pain Relief

8 Reasons to Choose Topical Pain Relief

8 Reasons to Choose Topical Pain Relief

While oral medications are an option to combat body pain, they can produce unwanted side effects. That’s where topical pain relievers come in! They are a proven, well-controlled pain relief option with fewer side effects than pills.

Here are 8 reasons to consider using a topical pain relief lotion.


#1) Quality Sleep 

Applying a topical pain relief lotion before bedtime can help you get better, restorative sleep. Sleep deprivation and even insomnia are very prominent for people suffering from chronic pain. Studies have found that pain worsens with the lack of sleep, and restorative sleep is harder to achieve if you are in pain. 


#2) Provides Effective Pain Relief

Even in those moments that your body hurts really bad, there are life or work-related things that you have to do. Using a topical pain reliever can give you the ability to get out there and do what you need to do without suffering in pain the entire time.


#3) Safe During Physical Activity

Many health professionals advise against consuming oral painkillers during intense physical activity. This is because physical activity reduces blood flow to your kidneys and NSAIDs also reduce blood flow. When combined, exercise and NSAIDs increase your chances of dehydration and can lead to kidney damage.

When you are physically active, you can apply a topical pain relief lotion to the area that hurts without these worries. 


#4) Targeted Relief

Topical Pain Relief lotions can be applied directly to the area in pain and provides fast, targeted, localized relief right where you need it. When you take a pill for pain relief, you have to wait for it to absorb into your bloodstream and travel through your entire body before it takes effect. This means you will be waiting a while before you feel relief.


#5) No Risk of Vital Organ Damage

There are many warning labels on NSAID and painkiller bottles because they can cause severe gastrointestinal damage. Topical pain relievers are easy to use and don't have these warnings.


#6) Doesn’t Impair Your Ability to Drive

Topical pain relief lotions do not cause drowsiness or impair your ability to drive or operate machinery. Pain medications can cause sedation and drowsiness, creating an issue when it comes to driving a vehicle.


#7) No Risk of Overdose

Unlike a prescription or over-the-counter medication, topical pain relievers do not pose a risk of overdose. You can apply a pain relief lotion to the site of pain, and don’t have to wait for hours to apply more like you do when taking pills. This is especially handy on days when your pain is more intense.


#8) No Doctor Visit Required

You can easily purchase topical relievers over-the-counter, which means that you don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment every time you need a refill.


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