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Reopening America Safely is Everyones Responsibility

Reopening America Safely is Everyones Responsibility

Reopening America SafelyDoes Your Place of Worship Have the Hand Sanitizer it Needs to Open the Doors?

As places of Worship are cleared to reopen their doors, it is evident that getting back to normal is going to take some preparation and adjustment. In addition to recommendations of continued social distancing, the CDC has offered clear direction about the importance of strategically placed hand sanitizer and promoted hand sanitizer use. 


The CDC Recommends the Following Hand Sanitizer Protocols for Places of Worship: 

  • Ensure sufficient supplies of hand sanitizer to promote healthy hygiene behaviors. 
  • Locations throughout the facility should be equipped with hand sanitizer for the many moments that soap and water are not available. 
  • In particular, any gatherings that offer nursery services should require routine hand cleaning throughout many common checkpoints such as arrival to the facility, before and after preparing food or drinks and multiple others. 

In addition to taking precautions to kill germs with hand sanitizer, the CDC also recommended that leaders, “communicate clearly with staff and congregants about actions being taken to protect their health.”

But finding a reliable source for hand sanitizer can be a cause of concern for church leaders. 


Real Time is Upping its Game to Help Places of Worship Re-Open. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the topical specialty formulators of Real Time Pain Relief have stepped up to the plate. They have placed a large emphasis on not only making sure that individuals have consistent access to hand sanitizer but also on providing places of worship with the hand sanitizer distribution and reliability that they need to reopen.  

In fact, Real Time has placed 6 team members full-time on sourcing the components and ingredients needed to fulfill this task. Why? They believe that reopening America safely is everyone’s responsibility. “Safely” being the keyword. 


Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Available Now 

Increased and mandatory hand sanitizer use is now an essential part of the plan as places of worship look to reopen and is likely here to remain a best practice. But finding a reliable source for hand sanitizer can be a cause of concern for religious leaders. 

Real Time Pain Relief has been able to secure a large quantity of automatic Hand Sanitizer dispenser machines. These dispensers, combined with Real Time’s established network for consistent, national delivery of one-gallon refills of their premium Hand Sanitizer + Skin Conditioner formula delivers attendees and staff confidence that they will have the essentials that they need. 

Reliability in these uncertain times gives spiritual communities the ability to create a system for safe reopening.  Over the past weeks, Real Time has already been able to help the following type of businesses and organizations as they prepare to open: 

  • Colleges (like Texas A&M and US Naval Academy)
  • Churches 
  • Government Offices 
  • Restaurants 
  • Hardware Stores (like ACE Hardware)
  • Convenience Stores
  • Factories
  • Utilities
  • And More


Everyone Can Help

While there is angst as the country moves toward reopening, keep in mind that practical action from neighbors, friends, customers and constituents has been a major contributor world-wide in fighting the pandemic. 

If you come into a place of worship without a dispenser, don’t assume they don’t care. They are predictably having trouble sourcing it. Do your part to reopen America safely and spread the word that Real Time has both dispensers and 1-gallon refills of hand sanitizer readily available. 

Whether a location needs a few dispensers placed in strategic spots to promote attendee confidence and staff safety, or large quantities of dispensers, Real Time is set up to fill the order and deliver long-term refills. 

For more information and full details on the variety of dispensers available, click here


Free Dispenser​ 

Receive a free dispenser with the purchase of 2 gallons of Real Time Hand Sanitizer + Skin Conditioner! For details, click here.


Real Time Hand Sanitizer + Skin Conditioner:

  • FDA approved label 
  • Contains 70% alcohol and all ingredients meet FDA standards
  • Specialty formula that does not dry out skin so long-term use is ok


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