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girl running- tricks to be active despite painCheck out these 4 tricks to make it a little easier to be more active even when you’re in pain.

8 Ways to Get Relief From Tendonitis​Dealing with tendonitis? Here are 8 ways to help you get some relief!

7 Reasons to Love Pain Relief Bath BombsWhen dealing with chronic pain, you may find that you are willing to try anything. Here are 7 Reasons to Love Pain Relief Bath Bombs! 

3 Reason to Use Menthol for Pain Relief

Did you know that menthol can provide pain relief? Here are 3 reasons to use a menthol product the next time pain strikes!

7 Ways to Relieve IT Band SyndromeDealing with IT Band Syndrome?  Here are 7 tips to help you get relief!


5 Tricks to Recover from a SprainDealing with a sprain? Recovery time can be so monotonous. Here are 5 tips to help you get relief!


5 Stretches to Improve FlexibilityLooking for ways to improve your flexibility? Did you know that it can also help reduce pain and stiffness? Here are 5 stretches designed to improve flexibility.


5 Tricks for Pain-Free Airplane Travel

​Traveling by airplane can be stressful, especially with chronic pain. Here are 5 tricks to practice for pain-free airplane travel!

Pain Relief for a Buck - Exclusive Offer!Anyone can try Real Time Pain Relief’s fast-acting, great smelling pain relief lotions for just one buck… and the shipping is even covered! 

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Person squeezing topical pain relief lotion into handLooking for an alternative to pills? Here are 4 reasons that you will love topical pain relief lotions!





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