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Foot Cream Convenience Pack

Foot Cream Convenience Pack

Foot Cream Convenience Pack

Keep a large Jar at home, a small Jar at the office and packs on the go or share with family and friends!

  • 1ea 8oz FOOT Cream Jar
  • 1ea 1.4oz FOOT Cream Jar
  • 10 FOOT Cream Travel Packs

I was as skeptical as some of you as well. As a medical professional, I hadn't even heard of Real Time Pain Relief. I stubbed a toe quite severely and the swelling caused me to walk differently than normal, which in turn made my knee extremely painful while walking. An ICU nurse commented that he had a product that was good for aches and pains. He gave me some samples, and they worked great!! I ordered some RTPR and the foot cream from him and expected to see him within a few days. That was not the case as we were scheduled at different hospitals, the pain was quite bad for at least a week, before I got a hold of him and my order. But, all I had to do was apply it once and the pain immediately subsided. I have since placed a large order and won't run out next time. I plan to share my samples with my elderly parents, one with back problems, the other with shoulder issues. Great product!!
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David S. - Lander, Wyoming

I have diabetes and am very careful of what i can use for pain without making my glucose levels rise. Diabetes effects the nervous system, so i started using the foot cream on my feet and i can walk without pain. I developed carpal tunnel in my wrist and had trouble sleeping at night. One night i got up with pain in my wrist, i looked at my jar of foot cream and thought if it can work on my feet why nat my wrist. I rub it all over my wrist and the palm of my hand. Let me tell you i can finally get a full night sleep i feel great now.
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Patty - Milford, Delaware

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