Eat Real Food

Eating healthy food on a road trip can prevent you from being uncomfortableThe food options that are available while you are on a road trip tend to be lacking when it comes to nutrition. Most times, you end up eating fast food from a gas station which leaves a lot to be desired and can definitely make you feel more uncomfortable with the high salt, sugar, and fat contents. These unhealthy foods can make any preexisting conditions worse by slowing down your circulation and making you feel fatigued. Fats and heavy foods that you can get from fast food establishments also cause your blood sugar to spike and can leave you feeling drained. Here are some great food options for while you are on a road trip to help keep you energized and comfortable.

  • Nuts and Dried Fruits – Nuts are high in protein and contain healthy fats. They can help you feel full while providing you with healthy energy. Trail mixes containing nuts and dried fruits can give you both an immediate pickup from the simple sugars in the fruit, and longer lasting energy from the protein in nuts. Due to the healthy fats in the nuts, however, trail mixes can be a high-calorie snack, so be sure to read and adhere to portion sizes.
  • Fresh fruit – Apples are a great choice for while you are driving. Not only are they easy to keep fresh, but they are also high in fiber and water content. The fiber helps you to feel full and regulates your blood sugar and the water helps you stay hydrated. Oranges, bananas, pears, and many other fruits are also easy to transport and make excellent road trip snacks.
  • Carrots – A cheap bag of peeled and cut carrots makes an excellent snack if you like to munch on the road to kill time. The crunch is satisfying and you can literally eat a whole bag guilt-free.
  • Cheese – Cheese is also a good source of protein. Protein stimulates the cells in the brain that regulate energy and wakefulness.

In order to travel safely with refrigerated foods such as cheese, you can bring a cooler along for your trip. This will also help you to bring a greater variety of foods for do-it-yourself meals at rest stops along the way. Sandwiches, hummus, and tomatoes are just some of the other foods you might bring along. Just remember, bringing your own food is not only cheaper than eating at fast food restaurants along the way, but you will also feel better and have a more enjoyable trip overall.