Enjoy Your Drive

You can find ways to prevent an uncomfortable road trip and avoid body aches and painsA road trip is a great way to get from one point to another. However, many people with injuries and chronic pain avoid road trips because they find them to be uncomfortable and leave them feeling stiff and sore. You can prevent your road trip from ending this way with just a few simple modifications to your plans.

There are many ways to stay comfortable while you are driving regardless of how far away from home your trip takes you. Start off by making sure your car is ready to handle any bumps in the road so your spine doesn’t have to. Use pillows and cushions to make your seat as comfortable as you possibly can before you start out. Next, be aware of what you are eating and drinking to help reduce the amount of bloating and swelling you may experience. Always make sure that you are making frequent stops and stretching all of your muscle groups effectively. A short walk every time you stop will go a long way to get your blood flowing, wake you up, and have you ready to go on the next leg of your trip. Finally, just have fun! Enjoying activities along the way, playing games in the car, and keeping a positive attitude will go a long way to improving your overall vacation experience.