Have Fun on the Way

Find ways to let yourself have fun during your road tripLong road trips can seem tiresome, boring, and uncomfortable, but if you utilize some measures to make your day more interesting, the trip itself is half the fun! Car games are an especially easy way to take in your surroundings while you drive and to keep you alert and engaged. One easy car game is the Alphabet Game, where the goal is to find a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet, in order. The License Plate game is also fun and easy—the goal is to find a license plate from as many states as possible throughout your trip. Try keeping a pad of paper in the car to keep track. You can also use the paper to play simple games like Tic-Tac-Toe.  

Car games are a fun way to kill time, but you’ll also want to get out of the car occasionally. Both planned and unplanned detours from your drive will help to break your trip up into smaller intervals, as well as to provide a much-needed excuse to stretch and move around. Before your trip, search online for interesting attractions on your planned route. Museums, national parks, and local shops are all great places to explore. While on the trip, don’t be afraid to stop when you stumble across something that seems interesting at the next exit. A 6-hour drive will seem much shorter if you drive it in 2-hour intervals with activity or meal breaks in between. Stopping to sightsee at local attractions will also make your vacation that much more enjoyable. Not only does it give you an excellent excuse to stop and move around to stretch your muscles but you also get to see more on your trip and expand the scope of your vacation. Detours to fun activities will provide fun and stimulation for any children in the car and will use up any spare energy, making the rest of the trip less stressful for parents and children alike. An interesting museum or a walk around a historical downtown area can also provide topics for conversation in the car. A vacation is about seeing new things and making memories and there’s no reason not to focus on that during the drive to your destination as well.