Make Your Ride as Smooth as You Can

Making sure yoiur ride is smooth can prevent body pain on road tripsOne of the main causes of a sore back is a continuously jarred spine. A bumpy ride can create discomforts even if you usually don’t experience back pain, but if you already suffer from a back injury, a bumpy ride can be completely unbearable. Here are some tips to make the ride as smooth as possible:

  • If the shocks on your car are worn, consider replacing them before you head out on your trip. The shocks of your car work to prevent the springs of your car from oscillating. To test the shocks on your car, push on a corner of your car and see how many times the car bounces. If it bounces more than twice, your shocks are worn and should be replaced.
  • If possible, take your trip in an SUV instead of a passenger car. Not only do these offer more space in the vehicle for passengers and drivers, but larger vehicles also tend to provide smoother rides than smaller vehicles.
  • Consider purchasing a good pillow to sit on that can absorb some of the shock from the car bumping along on the road or highway. There are even commercially made car seat cushions designed to provide support for your back and to absorb some of the shock of driving.