What to Know Before Purchasing New Shoes: A Guide to Avoiding Foot Pain

what-to-know-before-purchasing-new-running-shoesShoes play a valuable role in our lives. They protect our feet while supporting our bodies, and come in various shapes and sizes to either help us occupationally, athletically, recreationally, and fashionably. Finding the right shoe for the right kind of activity is not always a simple task, and often a little bit of research on the shoes you are buying can help you out tremendously in the long run. Factors such as foot type, activity, amount of usage from the shoes, and the environment they will be used in, are all things to consider when selecting and purchasing new shoes. You want to make the most out of your shoes, being sure that they cover your needs and are the appropriate type of shoe to use. It’s easy to get confused about what shoe works best for what activity. With advertisements about flashy bells and whistles, or “new” and “amazing” technology, it can make selecting a new pair of shoes quite daunting. Before we dive further, it is important to state that, some of the best advice you can receive is from your physician or podiatrist. They will be able to identify your individual needs for selecting proper shoes, so working with them should really be one of your first steps. There are, however, a variety of other important factors you need to consider, and there is an array of information you need to familiarize yourself with before purchasing shoes. In this article we examine the most common types of shoes worn, what you need to know before you shoe shop, and information that will keep your new shoes from causing foot related pain or injury.