Is Your Job Killing Your Feet?

is-your-job-killing-your-feetSuffering from sore feet is one of the most common complaints in the United States. A survey done by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) of 1,021 US adults 18 and over found that 77% of those surveyed have experienced foot pain of some sort. 18% of people said they suffered from four or more ailments of the foot.

These numbers aren’t too shocking when you consider that a large part of the population works on their feet. From teachers, hairdressers, and cooks to construction workers, runners, and cashiers, our feet are put to the test on a daily basis.

Many people think that foot pain is normal and to be expected; after all, we are on our feet all day. However, persistent foot pain should not be an everyday occurrence. In fact, it is our body’s warning system that something is wrong and it should not be ignored. By knowing how your foot pain is caused, as well as how to treat and avoid future foot pain, it is possible to enjoy living again.