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Face Masks

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Effective filtration of dust, small particles, and droplets in the air.

  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): 95%
  • Ventilation Resistance (air exchange between two sides): 49Pa/cm2
  • Three layers of protection: two-ply soft non-woven cloth, with one-ply melt-blown filtration cloth.
  • Moldable nose clip
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): 95%
  • Five layers of protection: two-ply soft non-woven cloth, two-ply melt-blown filtration cloth, one-ply melt-blown filtration cloth
  • Moldable nose clip
  • Cover the nose, mouth, and chin entirely with the mask. Loop the straps around the ears.
  • Press the metal strip across the nose and conform to the shape of your nose bridge. Lay the mask snugly against the face.
  • Avoid touching the outside layer.
  • After use, properly dispose of the mask.
  • Adult size: 6.75 inches X 3.5 inches
  • Child size: 5.7 inches X 3.5 inches, with fun prints!
  • One box of 50 - $12.50
  • Five boxes of 50 (250ct) - $57.50 with Free USA Shipping
  • One Case of 500 - $109.95 with Free USA Shipping
  • One box of 10 - $19.95
  • Four boxes of 10 (40ct) - $74.95 with Free USA Shipping
  • One Case of 100 - $159.95 with Free USA Shipping

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