How to Care for Your Feet?

How to Care for Your FeetOur feet are the foundation of our body. We all know what happens to a building if it is built on a weak foundation, or if the foundation becomes damaged. The whole building can start to crack and crumble. Healthy feet mean a healthy body.

It is important to care for your feet every day, not just when they become sore or bothersome. Here some ways that you can care for your feet daily:

  • Wash your feet every day. This means more than just letting water and soap run over them in the shower. It's important to thoroughly wash your feet with soap, making sure to also wash between your toes. Then make sure to dry them properly.
  • Moisturize your feet. It's easy for our feet to become dry and cracked. So applying a good moisturizer after washing can help keep feet soft and supple.
  • Alternate your shoes. If you can afford it, alternate the shoes you wear each day. This helps them to air properly and your shoes will last longer. An interesting study showed that runners who alternated their running shoes every day had a 39% lower risk of injury.

However, to keep feet healthy and in good shape, you need to do more than just care for your feet daily. It is important to regularly exercise and stretch your feet. What are some good exercises to strengthen your feet?