tornado-bullDubbed “unrideable,” this goliath weighed in at 1,600 lbs and was a legend in the 1960’s. With a 14-year career with 220 outs, Tornado bucked every rider he came across, with many riders opting out when they were scheduled to ride Tornado. Owner Jim Shoulders remembers the bull as very tame and easy going outside of the arena., but with his ability to immediately change spin directions (thus the name), Tornado had some riders shaking in their boots. It wasn’t until 1968, when Warren “Freckles” Brown was able to last 8 seconds on this 4-legged juggernaut. The famous ride between Brown and Tornado was memorialized in Red Steagall’s song “Freckles Brown.” Brown was also a friend and mentor to bull riding champion Lane Frost. Tornado will go down in the history books for his agility, strength and almost flawless record as one of the most notorious and challenging bulls in riding history.