Lifting and Squatting

10-natural-ways-to-prevent-injuryTo avoid injuries when working out in the gym, it's important that you always lift weights and perform squats properly. It is important that you don't lift using sudden movements and never try to lift more than you can physically manage. You could injure yourself or others if you try and lift weights that are too heavy for you; you may have to let them go.

Proper breathing is another natural way to avoid an injury when weightlifting. This ensures that your brain gets enough oxygen. Many athletes have been known to pass out while lifting weights because they've not taken enough gulps of air before a lift.

Many weightlifters can avoid injury to their lower back if they split up their squat workout. Overuse of the muscles in the lower back can damage the spinal column, injure discs, and deform the vertebrae. So, try spreading out your squats throughout the week to avoid causing injury to yourself.

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