Take a Break

take-breaks-to-prevent-injuryIn many countries, there are signs on the roadside that say "tiredness kills." While tired muscles, joints, or fingers may not kill you, they can lead to various types of preventable injuries.

One reason to take a break if you use a computer all day is to avoid repetitive strain injury (RSI). When you take a short break from holding the computer mouse or typing on the keyboard it gives your muscles a chance to relax and avoid becoming tense, which can lead to pain and inflammation.

When it comes to doing chores around the house, you can avoid injuring yourself if you take regular breaks. It's interesting because, during springtime, many doctors and physiotherapists notice an increase in patients with shoulder, neck, and back injuries. This increase in the number of injuries happens because many people begin rigorously spring cleaning and gardening. So, remember to warm up before undertaking intensive household or yard chores to avoid any kind of injury.

Some experts advise doing a little bit at a time. You can even change up your tasks regularly so that you use different muscle groups rather than “burning out” one muscle group until a task is completely finished. For instance, when you are washing the windows, don’t set out to clean every window in a specific amount of time. Rather, set a goal and listen to your body. When it tells you that your arm or back is tired, take that as your sign to perform a different task or take a break. Over a few hours, you will accomplish the goal of washing all your windows, but will prevent hurting your muscles or joints.

If you have a regular exercise routine, you can avoid injuring your muscles, ligaments, or tendons if you take regular breaks. So, this means not only taking a break between different exercises to give your muscles a chance to rest but also giving yourself at least one day off each week from your fitness program.

When you take breaks, remember to take some sips of water. Keeping yourself properly hydrated in all circumstances is a very simple and natural way to avoid injuries because it keeps your body and mind functioning properly.