Using the Right Gear

natural-ways-to-prevent-injuryInjuries can be avoided if you always use the right gear for your work, training exercises, or other daily activities.

For example, in the gym, equipment that is properly maintained and well looked after is less likely to break or slip and cause injury to yourself or another person. So before lifting weights, getting on the treadmill, or using any other equipment, make sure that it is working properly if you want to avoid a preventable injury.

In the workplace, using the right gear is an important factor in avoiding injuries. For example, if you use tools to carry out your work, you should use the right kind of tool for the job. If you are responsible for staff, you can minimize the number of injuries if everyone is properly trained in how to use specific pieces of equipment.

You should also make sure that if you have to climb ladders they are at the correct angle and on a stable surface so it is less likely to slip or fall.