sleep is a natural way to reduce chronic painOne of the biggest problems for people who suffer with chronic pain is the way that it affects their sleep. For many people who have issues with pain, they look at bedtime with a sense of dread. It is often at night, when you are trying to sleep, that the problem is at its worst.

Sleep and pain interact in a complex way for these individuals. The pain makes it so that they cannot sleep, and the sleep deprivation increases their problems with pain. Essentially, it is a cycle of chronic pain that increases as you lose sleep, and nights become ever more sleepless as your pain increases.

Even with this issue, you need to try to stick to a normal sleeping schedule. The only way to break the cycle is to restore proper sleeping habits. To restore better sleeping habits, you should avoid taking naps and continue going to bed at the same time every night.

Further, some of the natural pain relief strategies can also assist with better sleeping habits. Studies have noted that massage and acupuncture can improve sleeping habits. Regular exercise can also help to burn energy that may be keeping you up at night. Also, look for a topical pain reliever or herbal remedy that can help you relax and ease muscle tension and aches.


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