Epsom Salt

Soaking in epsom salt to relieve hand and knuckle pain.Soaking your hand in Epsom salt is a great way to combat inflammation because it contains magnesium, an electrolyte that is depleted during natural inflammation. Epsom salt returns this magnesium back to us and helps fight the inflammation in our body. Epsom salt can be used by drawing a bath (or if you just want to soak your hand, a large bowl or trough can be used) and placing the appropriate amount of Epsom salt into the volume of water. How much you should use can be found on the back of the Epsom salt package and it’s always best to follow the directions; you don’t want to use too much. Speak with your doctor before using Epsom salt, as you may have other health conditions that may react negatively to the use of Epsom salt in large doses. A warm bath of Epsom salt should reduce the swelling in your hand. Also, studies show that since Epsom salt contains the electrolyte, magnesium, it is also known to promote healthy muscle tissue and nerve function. This could be beneficial to those who suffer from fibromyalgia or other nerve conditions.