Cold Applications

Ice applications will help lessen lupus painCold applications have the ability to reduce swelling and pain by slowing down the blood flow in the affected area. Cold applications such as ice packs, cold wraps, or cold bath/soaks have credible medical evidence of reducing the inflammation experienced by lupus sufferers. Ice packs are inexpensive and easy to come by, or you can make your own by placing a sizeable portion of ice and a little bit of water into any sealable bag. Another option you can make at home is a reusable ice pack. Take a sealable bag and combine 3 cups of water with 1 cup of rubbing alcohol. Mix well and place the bag in the freezer until it solidifies. You can use it whenever you need to apply a cold pack, and when it becomes slushy, place it back in the freezer. Cold applications have been practiced for centuries to reduce pain. They help minimize the swelling caused by inflammation and desensitize the sensation of pain in the afflicted area. Cold applications also promote healing by allowing inflammation to run its’ course at a faster rate. For some who have lupus, the sensitivity of the skin may not warrant the use of cold applications, however, some find relief in the process.