Yoga and Meditation

yoga can ease lupus painStress management has been identified as a route to managing the pain associated with lupus. The practice of meditation and yoga is one of the many ways lupus sufferers are treating their symptoms. We are familiar with the concept that lupus and the symptoms associated with the disorder can be subjective to psychophysical influences. Those who experience great amounts of daily stress in their lives, also experience an increase in lupus symptoms, especially skin conditions. Some people have found relief by practicing yoga and meditation because it focuses their cognitive functioning on relaxation and feeling better. During these exercises, patients may create visualizations of themselves as healthier beings. They may also connect with themselves in a spiritual way that seems to give them a clear path for handling their illness and other stress factors in their lives. It has been shown that these exercises have the ability to strengthen the immune system, which is beneficial for lupus because its symptoms are highly related to immune system functioning. Relaxation techniques may also relieve physical pain in the joints, muscles, and skin tissue. The research available for why these physical symptoms are related to cognitive factors, is few and far between, however, the medical community is slowly proving the validity between mental functioning and physical well-being.