Contrast Bath, Hot and Cold Applications

Contrast baths can lessen pain from achilles tendonitisContrast bath therapy (also known as hot/cold immersion) is the process of lowering the affected tendon into a bucket or bath of ice water, then followed by an immersion into warm water. This alternation of hot and cold has been practiced for centuries to decrease pain and increase the circulation to the injured area or areas that receive little amounts of blood flow. Contrast baths have been known to flush away toxins and other waste product that has built up inside the tissue and bring oxygen and other beneficial nutrients to that area. This is a huge benefit to the healing process. The greater the difference in hot or cold, the greater the effect is to the injured area. To do the contrast bath method, you will need two tubs or large buckets (a double sink in the kitchen can also work well). Fill one tub with hot water and one with cold. The idea is to soak the affected area in the hot water for around 3 minutes, then switch to the cold water, soaking for only one minute. You should always start with the hot water and end with the cold water. Use caution when adjusting the temperature and make sure it is to your personal comfortability. Some sufferers of AT might think they can achieve faster results by using extreme temperature changes, however this can not only be dangerous, but may affect your AT in negative ways. An alternative method is to use heating pads or warm wet towels then switch to an ice pack. This method can provide similar results as the hot/cold water.