Lemon Ginger Tea

ginger-lemonYou can’t go wrong with lemon and ginger. With lemon you get an excellent source of Vitamin C and other nutrients that help to protect the body and boost the immune system. Lemon also acts as an antibacterial for the digestive tract. Ginger is perfect for digestion problems, helps reduce inflammation, and (like lemon) promotes a healthy immune system. Lemon Ginger tea is easy to make. Simply slice some thin pieces of ginger (you can also grate the ginger to bring out more of the aroma) and add the ginger plus a slice of lemon to the hot water. Want to sweeten the pot? Add some honey to the mix, or even a little bit of cane sugar. Even cold, this drink is delicious, and it can be served with ice for those sultry summer days.




Photo credit goes to OZphotography from freedigitalphotos.net