Add Omega 3 Fats to your Diet

Omega 3s can reduce arthritis painAccording to a study, Omega 3 Fatty Acids are great for those with arthritis because they have inflammation-fighting qualities.  They work by inhibiting the production of enzymes, known as inflammatory cyto-kines and prostaglandins, that wear cartilage down.  They are successful at reducing inflammation because they convert into resolvins which are powerful anti-inflammatory chemicals.  Participants in the study reported less joint stiffness, reduced swelling and tenderness in joints, less overall pain, and increased strength.  The best Omega 3 sources to  consume are Walnuts, Flax seeds, Chia seeds, salmon (wild, fresh, or canned), Halibut, Tuna, Cod, Herring, Rainbow Trout, Sardines, Mackerel (not King), Pacific Oysters, and Anchovies. Experts say eating one to two servings of these fish per week can reduce inflammation.