Triple Protein Breakfast

  • great-pre-race-recipes-breakfastEgg Whites (2-3 eggs),
  • Broccoli (1 cup),
  • Turkey Ham (2 slices)

The most common tip is to stock up on carbohydrates before race day, but don’t forget your protein. Many professionals believe that you should stock up on a good amount of proteins during the morning and evening, and use your lunch time for your carb load. The eggs can be boiled or cooked with a small amount of butter and salt. Eggs whites are full of protein, which helps your muscles recuperate easier and faster during the race. Broccoli is also high in protein and other nutrients that will keep your energy levels high for a better performance. Turkey ham is a great source of protein that the body will slowly break down, giving you energy for longer. You can add a slice of wheat bread for some carbs. It is recommended that you eat this balanced breakfast for at least 2 days before the race.