The Horse That Changed a Family’s Life

horse-changes-familys-lifeHorses have been known to save lives in more ways than one. A hero can be anything that may save you from danger, struggle, or a life of heartache. This next story involves the touching story between Rupert Isaacson, his son Rowan, and their horse Betsy. Rowan was diagnosed with Autism in 2004 and had been developing on a slower-than-normal level compared to a majority of other autism cases. He had issues in having an everyday conversation, controlling emotional behavior, and basically having issues with socialization. These kinds of things are not uncommon in individuals who are diagnosed with Autism, but for Rowan, his condition seemed to not be getting any better. This is when Betsy comes along. There have been numerous stories about those with developmental disabilities reacting positively to the encounter of animals. The first time Mr. Isaacson set Rowan on top of the horse, they were able to have their first constructed conversation between father and son. Betsy was extra gentle towards Rowan than with any other people she came into contact with. Through Rowan’s encounters with the horse, he began controlling his violent (sometimes self-harming) fits that had previously haunted him and his parents. He began using his words clearly enough to form sentences and tell his parents what he wanted. Betsy was a dream come true for Rowan and his parents, and it is just one story out of many, in which the friendship between an animal and human can change a person’s life.