Massage the Arch

foot massages can ease plantar fasciitisMassage for the irritated Plantar Fascia is very beneficial because it helps loosen up the ligaments and prevent irritation to the Plantar Fascia. While it is possible to go out and pay for a massage, there are also some easy massages that you can perform for yourself at home, and they are very easy on your wallet!

  • One way to massage your arch by yourself is to place a tennis ball on the ground and roll it around with the bottom of your foot for a few minutes. Use enough force so that you receive a deep massage. You may find that it is slightly sore or uncomfortable, but if it is too painful, stop immediately. Depending on your preference, this massage can be done for 3-10 minutes once, or even several times a day.
  • Other items that can be used in the same way include: a 12 oz soda pop can or golf ball.
  • Another way to accomplish an arch massage is to do the same exact method described above using a frozen water bottle. By massaging and icing at the same time, you can relieve inflammation and pain at the same time. While some find it unbearable due to the temperature of the frozen water bottle, many find that it loosens the ligaments and relieves inflammation efficiently and affordably. Be sure to wear socks while trying this method; it may prevent you from becoming too uncomfortable from the intense cold of the ice.
  • Foam rollers are also a great option for an arch massage. They are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased online or at some stores. Lay the foam roller on the ground and then push it forward and backwards by applying pressure and pushing with the foot. Foam rollers provide a little bit of resistance and massage all areas of the arch’s ligaments.