Hand Exercises

Hand exercises can lessen pain from osteoarthritis This segment pertains to those who suffer from osteoarthritis in their hands. Hand exercises are simple and easy to do, and can be done on your own time or whenever needed. Here are a few of the more well known exercises:

  • The Fist: Hold your hand straight up and slowly bend the hand into a fist shape. Place your thumb on the outside of your hand. You don’t have to squeeze the hand, just open and close the hand repeatedly to reduce stiffness.
  • Finger bends: Start by holding your hand out and extending all of your fingers. Then slowly retract your thumb and hold it for a few seconds. Then do this with your index finger, middle finger, and so on. You can reverse the direction or start from the beginning again, but do this exercise repeatedly until the stiffness is reduced.
  • Thumb bend: this is as easy as it sounds. Simply hold your hand out with the fingers extended and attempt to stretch your thumb to the bottom of you pinky. If you don’t make it that far, don’t worry, just stretch as much as you can and repeat this process 10 to 15 times or as much as necessary.
  • Make an “O”: Hold your hand straight up and curve your fingers to make the letter “O” position. Hold this position for a few seconds and then repeat as necessary.
  • Table Bend: Place your fist on a table or flat, supportive surface with your thumb up. Extend the thumb upwards and extend the fingers outward for a few seconds, then inward for a few seconds. The fingers should touch the inside of your palm, if possible. Repeat as necessary.
  • Finger lift: place your hand flat on a table or hard surface. Lift each finger individually for a few seconds to stretch them as much as you can. Do this with each finger and repeat as necessary.
  • Wrist Stretch: Holding your arm out, bend your wrist so that your hand and fingers are pointing towards the floor. With your other hand, gently pull on the hand inwards so that you begin to feel your wrist stretch a little. Go slow and stop immediately if you feel any pain. Hold this position for about ten seconds, then repeat with the other hand if necessary.



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