Anti-Inflammatory Analgesics

Topical analgesics are a Pill-free pain remedyThere are a variety of different topical lotions, creams, gels, or salves available that reduce pain. These products are designed to reduce inflammation and swelling, as well as reduce the amount of pain that one feels in an affected area. The majority of these products carry one specific ingredient: menthol. Menthol is derived from the mint plant and is known to improve blood flow in a specific area. For centuries, it has been rubbed on certain parts of the body (like the head for headaches, or joints) to reduce pain caused by inflammation. Natural topical solutions are one of the safest methods for treating pain directly, especially if you use lotions that are all-natural. There are several ingredients that, if applied topically, have been known to reduce inflammation and pain. Arnica, Witch Hazel, and Willow Bark are three completely natural, herbal substances that have been used in medicine for centuries to reduce pain and promote healing. Other ingredients such as Capsicum and Chondroitin have been shown in studies within the past century to relieve inflammation when it penetrates the surface of the skin. As far as substances that penetrate well within the skin tissue as you apply them, you just can’t go wrong with Emu Oil. This miracle oil is known to penetrate the human skin up to 3 inches and carry with it other ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties. That is why products that contain Emu Oil and several other anti-inflammatory ingredients are the best topical agents to use when battling inflammation and pain. Topical analgesics have a very low risk of harmful side effects, which is why so many people who are interested in using safe, natural ways to reduce chronic pain have continued to use these products.