musician-hand-painIf you are a musician, then you are probably very satisfied to be using your artistic abilities to make a living. However, musicians of all sorts can suffer from some very common hand problems. In the world of music, issues like tendinitis, carpal tunnel, and cramping are often the result of playing for many hours on such a regular basis.

For musicians, it generally comes down to the type of instrument that they play. A person that plays a fretted instrument may have problems from the constant gripping and regripping. A person that plays the drums is likely to have issues with the hands and the wrists.

As a musician, a good warm-up before you play will be a good preventative measure. Stretch the hands and work out the fingers before you put them to work. Whether you are rehearsing or performing, you also want to let your hands rest for a little bit after long periods of use.

A musician will also have several options for treatment. Ice can be a good way to address pain and take down swelling. You can also use a topical pain reliever to reduce pain and swelling. For additional relief, you could also consider massage therapy for the hands and wrists.