Find Softer Running Surfaces

Softer Running surfaces will decrease runners knee painRunning on hard surfaces like concrete can send shock waves through the body, especially the knees. Consider taking a break from your normal running routine and seek out an unpaved walking path, running track, grass field, sandy beach, or woodland trail. These softer surfaces decrease some of the impact and significantly reduce the strain on your joints. Many runners find that the change in terrain builds different muscles in the legs, strengthens the stabilizer muscles around the joints, and strengthens the ankles. Not only is the change in routine good for the body, but it can also be refreshing for the mind. Some even believe that finding softer running surfaces can be the difference between ending a running career early or lengthening it. It is not necessary to completely remove running on a paved road from your routine. If you are training for a competitive run on hard surfaces, you will especially want to be accustomed to the hard surface. The fact is that even just allowing an occasional change in your running routine will provide your knees with a little break from the everyday impact and relieve the pain associated with Runner’s Knee.