Avoid Aspartame

Avoid aspartame to improve fibromyalgia symptomsAspartame is an artificial sweetener that should be avoided if you have fibromyalgia. There have been reports that when aspartame is eliminated from the diet the symptoms of fibromyalgia are cured.

One woman who suffered from fibromyalgia went on holiday and forgot to take her artificial sweetener with her. While on holiday, she experienced no chronic pain. However, when she returned and started consuming aspartame again, the chronic pain returned. She then completely removed aspartame from her diet and experienced a complete regression of her fibromyalgia symptoms.

Another 43-year old man had been unsuccessfully treated for chronic pain for 3 years. However, when aspartame was eliminated from his diet, his chronic pain disappeared without recurrence.

The journal, Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology, which reported on those two cases, said that aspartame should be avoided to see if it results in resolving chronic pain.[10]