Flat Feet

flat-feet-pregnancy One of the more common problems that can come with pregnancy is flat feet, also commonly known as fallen arches. When you look at the bottom of most feet, you see the arch at the instep. The tendons that run through the feet from the front to the heel form the arch. With pregnancy, the weight gain that occurs can put more stress on the feet and this can affect the way that the tendons of the foot pull together. When this occurs, it can result in a reduction or the elimination of the arch.

When the arch in the foot flattens, it can cause pain and functional issues. When a person experiences aches and pains in the foot, it can limit the functional abilities of the feet and lead to pain and stiffness in other parts of the body. The following are a few of the more common issues that are associated with fallen arches:

•             Pain in the arches and heel

•             Swelling to the bottoms of the feet

•             The feet become tired easily

•             Over pronation, giving the foot a slight inward roll

•             Problems with foot movement, reducing the ability to do things like stand on toes

•             Added stress to the legs and back, causing pain and stiffness to these regions

If a pregnant woman is suffering from some of the issues that may be related to flat feet, there are different remedies that she can try. Stretching the feet will help to relieve the pain and it could help to restore some of the functional abilities. Resting the feet will also be beneficial. Applying ice to the feet is another way to find relief from fallen arches. As for walking with flat feet, you want to find shoes that provide a good amount of support to the arch area. You can also look for special inserts that provide support for the arches.