Footwear Issues

footwear-issues-feet-pain-pregnant As you may be starting to realize, pregnancy can wreak havoc on a woman’s feet. You have the common problems with the swelling, issues with fallen arches, the added pressure from the weight and the ways that all of these factors can affect the structures of the foot. With all of these things happening to the foot during pregnancy, it is very common for women to need to buy new shoes when they are pregnant. Your regular shoes will feel tight, unsupportive or just plain uncomfortable, and this means that you will need to find a new pair of shoes to help you make it through the months.

Not only can the foot size and shape change during pregnancy, but the effects that pregnancy has on the feet can often lead to permanent changes. While women have been saying this for a long time, a study from the University of Iowa demonstrated that changes to the length, width and arch of the foot are very common.

As a pregnant woman, you want to find shoes that will fit the foot comfortably and provide adequate support. This will relieve some of the painful issues that can be associated with footwear and it can prevent permanent damage that can result from the combination of pregnancy and poor footwear choices. A range of different shoes can be helpful, but you can even find shoes that are specifically made for the feet of pregnant women. Two types of footwear that you want to avoid are high heels and flip-flops. Neither provides good support and both can result in damage to the foot or expose the pregnant woman to injury.