Wrist Stretch

prevent-hand-pain-wrist-stretchIn order to prevent hand pain, it is also important not to forget about your wrists. Very often arthritis sufferers can have wrist pain and this stretching exercise will help to prevent pain and relieve it.

To do the wrist stretch:

  • Hold one arm in front of you with your hand bent at the wrist and your fingers pointing to the floor.
  • With your other hand, hold the back of your hand and gently press on your hand
  • Hold for a few seconds, release and repeat.
  • You can repeat this 10 times for each hand.

With this exercise, you should feel the tendons in your arm and hand stretch. If you feel any pain when doing this, then don't press so hard on your hand.


Image courtesy of Carpal Tunnel Gadgets at FreeDigitalPhotos.net