Moisturize Your Feet

moisturize-your-feetMoisturizing the feet is another good practice to keep them healthy. Doing this regularly, every day ideally, will prevent skin from becoming dry and cracked, which can be a problem if you wear sandals a lot. If the skin on the edges of the heel becomes particularly dry from walking barefoot or wearing sandals in dry climates, heel fissures can develop. Heel fissures are deep cracks that can be very painful and are at risk of infection.

Moisturize the soles and the top of your feet, but avoid getting any lotion in between the toes, for reasons we've already discussed. After applying the moisturizer, give your feet a few minutes in the air to allow the skin to wick away some of the moisture. For the best results, apply lotion at night and then, after a few minutes wear a clean pair of cotton socks to bed. This will stop the lotion from dirtying your sheets, and will leave your feet feeling nice and soft in the morning.