Foot Pain

Is Foot Pain Affecting Your Golf ScoreIntermetatarsal Neuroma is the most frequently occurring foot injury among golfers. This particular injury affects the nerve between the third and fourth toes between the metatarsal bones. The repetitive nature of how the Golf Swing makes the forefoot twist places excessive force on the nerve that lies between the metatarsals. As the irritation becomes chronic, the nerve begins to thicken and swell. Common symptoms include: burning, numbness, and stabbing pain that works its way up and down the toes. Pain is always more prevalent in longer shots but hardly noticed on putts or chip shots. One tip that may reduce the risk of this foot pain is to pay careful attention to the location of the spikes on your golf shoes. Remove any that are located on the ball of the foot because they could complicate this issue.

Pain can also occur on the top part of the foot due to impact injuries. This injury is called Midfoot Arthritis and can be caused in the following ways:

  • localized trauma to the top of the foot due to external forces
  • gradual wearing away of cartilage in the foot
  • caused by a stress fracture.

An indicator of this issue includes swelling accompanied by a burning sensation on the top of the foot. The nerves that provide the foot with feeling become aggravated and cause tingling throughout the foot. These sensations commonly branch out towards the toes and extend to the top part of the foot. Before a doctor will diagnose someone with Midfoot Arthritis, they require an X-Ray in order to see which of the three possibilities listed above is the cause of the condition.