Why Is My Short Game Suffering Anyhow?

Tips to improve your short gameAre you using the right shot in your repertoire? What about the green from which you first hit? Is it above or below from where the pin is? Before you work on the areas of your short game that need improvement, you have to consider aspects of your drive. If you have no problem getting your ball far and close to the pin, congratulations, you only need to worry about what happens with your chip, pitch, and putt. Let’s look at a proper short game form that will start you on the right track:

  • Unlike what you do with your full swings, try keeping your head directly in line with your midline (where your belt buckle would be) of your body (not behind it). Your shoulders should be square and your lead foot should be pointing towards the target line. Make sure that your arms are soft and that your trail hand is gently gripping the club.