Massage is a natural way to relieve chornic painMost people would agree that a massage feels good and that it can be great for relaxation. For a pain relief strategy, massage can be one of the most effective tools. Massage is actually one of the oldest practices used in the world of pain management, with literature describing massage techniques that date back more than 2,000 years.

In modern times, we have a number of different types of massage that a person can use for pain management, and there are even mechanical devices that can be used to assist the process. While there are different types of massage, they all work by manipulating the soft tissue. This can relieve pain by improving blood circulation to the affected area and it can also help to relieve tension.

While there are limitations on the abilities of researchers to effectively study and evaluate the effectiveness of massage for pain relief, much of the research has been positive. A 2010 study from the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork found that patients experienced a significant reduction in pain levels following a massage, and a review from Evidence-based Complementary Medicine found that there was good support for massage therapy as a means to treat lower-back pain.