Ankle Strengthening

Stretch your calf muscles to lower achilles tendonitis painKeeping the ankles and surrounding joints strong will not only improve running performance but will also relieve and prevent Achilles Tendonitis. The ligaments in our ankles connect to the bones and other tendons which allows them to work in unison during movement. Achieving balance and support in this area can decrease the frequency of AT and also prevent tendonitis from occurring. Building the surrounding muscles in this area helps our legs support the weight of our bodies, meaning that there will be less stress to the Achilles tendon. Calf raises are one of the most popular exercises for strengthening ankles. As important as it is to create strong muscles around the ankle, it is equally as important to strengthen your balance. Balance training is easy to do and not only improves proper mechanical form during running but also helps the ankles support equal amounts of weight on both sides, leading to lower risk of injury. Balance training can be as simple as standing on one leg for 30 seconds at a time, to more complicated exercises, like the one-leg mini squat. You can also add tasks such as throwing a ball and playing catch with a friend, while balancing on one leg. Scissor hops promote balance and can be performed by jumping and switching feet in mid-air, landing with the opposite foot forward.