Foam Roller

Use a foam roller to help lower pain from achilles tendonitisFoam rollers are a great way to massage and work out stiffness and soreness in the calf muscle. Foam rollers are fairly inexpensive and easy to find in most athletic stores. The idea in using a foam roller is to apply pressure that massages the afflicted area and aids in the healing of the damaged areas in the Achilles tendon. Using foam rollers at home or in the gym can be beneficial in treating AT, primarily because they are easy to use in almost any setting. When using a foam roller to treat AT, the calf is typically the area that is massaged. This is because direct application or pressure on the Achilles tendon may create further pain or injury if massaged incorrectly. The calves also work in unison with the Achilles tendon in everyday movement, so sometimes working out this area can help alleviate pain caused by AT. You can sit on the floor and move the foam roller back and forth underneath your calf. It is not advised to move the roller anywhere near the tendon or the affected area, as this can cause further damage to the tendon. The roller works to counter-massage the muscles and improve blood flow, which helps the affected area heal faster. Other ordinary household objects, like a tennis ball, can also be utilized. Often an athlete with AT can lie down on the sofa with a tennis ball underneath their calf. Another successful device is simply called “the stick”, which is, as it sounds, a massaging stick or wand used to massage areas of the body. The Stick, like the foam roller, can be found in most any athletic store.