It May Lower Cholesterol

ginger-lowers-cholesterolWhen we have high levels of LDL lipoproteins, otherwise known as “bad” cholesterol, in our system, we are at a higher risk of developing heart disease. Strong research over the last century has concluded that what we eat plays a big role in the amount of bad cholesterol we have, therefore, a person’s diet can be scientifically linked to heart disease. A recent study showed that participants who ingested 3 grams of ginger each day for 45 days, had major reductions in cholesterol markers (indicators we use to detect presence and levels of cholesterol. In a study involving rats, ginger lowered LDL cholesterol in the same way as the drug, Atorvastatin (a drug used to lower bad cholesterol). Other studies have shown ginger can reduce blood triglyceride levels and total overall cholesterol.