18 Health Benefits Received from Ginger

18-health-benefits-of-gingerGinger has been around for many centuries not only as a source of flavoring for foods but also as a medicinal herb. Around 500 B.C. Confucius was said to never be without ginger when he ate. In 77 A.D., Dioscorides stated that ginger “warms and softens the stomach.” The Japanese used it for spinal and back pain and the Chinese have been using it for centuries to help with inflammatory ailments. It was used by Revolutionary war soldiers, 5th century Chinese Sailors, and was even known as “the Alka-Seltzer of the Roman Empire.” Today, researchers are discovering a multitude of ways ginger can treat certain ailments and reduce pain, nausea, and symptoms of some diseases. Ginger is even attributed with preventing certain diseases. Here we look at 18 ways ginger can benefit your health.